Israel: Netanyahu supporters turn out for mass rally amidst graft allegations

10 августа 2017 г. 2:50

Large crowds turned out to show support for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre, Wednesday, following graft accusations made against the leader. Ministers and Likud party members rallied in favour of the Israeli prime minister after recent allegations were made against him. In particular Netanyahu and his wife have been accused of receiving illicit gifts and misused state funds to pay for personal items. The ongoing investigations could result in corruption charges and indictment. Former chief-of-staff Ari Harow has boosted the investigations by agreeing to testify against Netanyahu in two cases involving fraud, bribery and breach of trust. One Likud party member in attendance at the rally said «we don't believe these conspiracies made by the media, the Israeli media, the Israeli elite and the Israeli Labour Party. We don't believe any of this stuff.» He went on to say that the prime minister should be acquitted and will «continue to serve our country greatly, years to come.» Netanyahu has denied any wrong-doing.

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