Ireland: 'Free Speech' rally and counter demo face off in Cork

4 января 2020 г. 22:03

Protesters at a 'Free Speech' rally were outnumbered by attendees from the Cork Rebels for Peace counter-demo in Cork on Saturday. The 'Free Speech' rally denounced Irish Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan's attempt to update and strengthen the hate speech legislation, to encourage the prosecution of individuals who are found guilty of using 'hate speech.' One attendee of the 'Free Speech' rally called Flanagan's methods «very draconian,» adding that she had attended to «say 'yes' to democracy and 'no' to a fascist regime.» The counter rally chanted that refugees were welcome in Ireland, who they say the 'Free Speech' protesters «shout» at and 'put down,' and «pretend to be for 'free speech,' when they are for bullying and intimidating,» according to one Cork Rebels for Peace counter-demo protester. One of the organisers said she helped organise the protest «to show people that Ireland does not stand for hate. We are an inclusive country, we've inclusive, we're diverse and we've very welcoming.»

Ruptly TV