Iran: 'Time for bullying others is over' — Supreme leader advisor about US

23 мая 2020 г. 17:31

Iran will respond to «whatever action» the United States decides to take, said the Advisor to the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Hossein Dehghan on Saturday, adding, «the time for bullying others is over.» Dehghan's remarks come against the backdrop of increased tensions between Tehran and Washington DC, as five Iranian tankers likely carrying gasoline are headed towards Venezuela. «Someone should ask the US secretary of state what his stance and responsibility on this issue is. Are the free waters under their control? Are they the sovereign ruler of the whole world and its seas? This is how they claim it to be. The Americans have a sovereign and arrogant spirit, especially after World War II, in a way it has changed them into a hegemony. In political, economic, military, and even the legal and international areas they see themselves as the ruler of the world. The time for bullying others is over. The Americans understand this quite well,» said Dehghan. «Recently, as you may know, they have claimed that they are going to seize our oil tankers and our cargo to Venezuela in international waters. On the other side, the US defence ministry announced yesterday that they would create no obstacles for these tankers in the oceans and they can easily reach their destination. It means that the time for empty threats has ended,» he said. «Americans have lost their power to dominate the world. However, they want to say something to maintain their reputation. We have a clear stance: whatever action they take, we will take another step to make them regret,» he added. NO Access Israel Media/Persian Language TV Stations Outside Iran/Strictly No Access BBC Persian/VOA Persian/Manoto-1 TV/Iran International

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