Iran: Khamenei warns of «retaliation» against the US over role in recent protests

9 января 2018 г. 19:25

Iran's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned the United States that there would be «some sort of retaliation» on behalf of Iran over the alleged US role in a recent spate of nationwide protests, speaking in Tehran on Tuesday. Accusing the United States of having fomented some of the protests, Khamenei added that «these extreme and psychotic episodes won't be left without a response.» Khamenei also commented on recent remarks by US President Donald Trump, saying «If we are 'afraid' of you, how did we expel you from Iran in the late 1970's and expel you from the entire region in the 2010's?.» The Supreme Leader also stressed the necessity to solve «internal problems» in Iran as a way to minimise possibilities of foreign intervention. Khamenei spoke while receiving a group of people from Qom on the anniversary of the city's historic 1978 uprising. His speech came two days after Iran's Revolutionary Guard declared an end to the recent unrest.

Ruptly TV