India: Repatriation flight lands in Chennai as govt brings stranded citizens home

9 мая 2020 г. 17:38

Chennai International Airport saw its first waves of repatriated citizens returning from abroad on Saturday, as the government began bringing back thousands of Indian nationals who have been stuck outside of the country since the coronavirus outbreak. Two flights coming from the Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) carrying roughly 350 passengers arrived late on Saturday as part of the operation that began on Thursday. All arrivals were swabbed on arrival and had their health checked by the receiving authorities at the airport. «So many people are stuck overseas, the government has given an option for their return. It's really a welcome move. But the government should give some leniency from compulsory quarantine for pregnant women and elders,» said Farah Tabasum, whose pregnant daughter was on one of the returning flights. Arrivals are being asked to quarantine in government facilities free-of-charge once reaching Indian soil. Indian expatriates constitute roughly 30 percent of UAE's population, and national carrier Air India will continue to operate flights for stranded citizens in the coming days.

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