Hong Kong: Protesters picket in mall against Beijing's national security law

29 мая 2020 г. 17:23

Anti-government protesters picketed for «Lunch with you» strike at International Finance Centre (IFC) in Hong Kong on Friday, against Beijing's national security legislation. The protesters held banners calling for the independence of Hong Kong while chanting against the government. One protester could be seen with a British National (Overseas) passport in her hands. On Friday, legislation that seeks to «prevent, stop, and punish» activities threatening the security in Hong Kong was introduced by the National People's Congress (NPC). Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Sunday that proposed national security laws «won't affect» Hong Kong's freedoms or autonomy. The move can be perceived as confirmation of China sidestepping Hong Kong's own legislative body in enacting legislation, which can in return limit opposition activity, going against the «one country, two systems» framework that allows the Special Administrative Region freedoms not found in mainland China. Last year, Hong Kong saw the largest protest movement in its history, which started with opposition to a now-scrapped plan to allow extradition to mainland China before evolving into an overall anti-government demonstration.

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