Hong Kong: Protesters call police 'liars' following arrest of opposition lawmakers

27 августа 2020 г. 19:07

Democratic Party chairman and lawmaker Wu Chi-Wai said that «history can not be re-written,» as he joined protesters outside the West Kowloon Magistrates' Court in Hong Kong on Thursday. «We all know that history can not be re-written. And we all know that is the tricks and tactics coming from the authoritative type of government trying to ignore the opinions of the people. So we have to stand firm and we stand with all of Hong Kong,» explained Wu Chi-Wai outside the Magistrates' Court before joining several in a chant calling the Hong police «liars.» Several protesters were seen holding signs chanting anti-police and anti-government chants as they held the iconic six fingers up signal symbolising the «five demands no one less» movement that started in 2019. Two politicians from the Democratic Party of Hong Kong alongside other 14 people, were arrested on Wednesday in relation to an investigation into the Yuen Long station attack last year, in which one of the detained lawmakers was victim.

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