Guatemala: Village named Serbia to honour aid amid COVID-19 outbreak

23 мая 2020 г. 10:54

A village close to the Pueblo Nuevo Vinas municipality of Santa Rosa region, 125 kilometres (77.6 miles) south of the capital Guatemala City, erected a sign on Friday to indicate they were taking on the name Canton Serbia. The local residents decided to adopt the name as a way of thanking the honorary consul of the Republic of Serbia in Guatemala for her help amid the coronavirus outbreak. Marcela Arzu, the honorary consul, has been making food donations with her family to help the village get through times of crisis. «This is an initiative on the part of my family that we decided to do to help people who are in great need due to the current situation in the country and we know that here they do not receive aid as quickly as needed, so we decided to make food bags to hand out. This community was very grateful, and it was a very special detail that also surprised me when they learned that I was the honorary consul, they decided to call their village Serbia,» explained Marcela. The village has felt the effects of the coronavirus crisis due to the fact that the majority of its residents work on the coffee plantations surrounding the village. With the closure of the economy, many plantation workers have lost their jobs, meaning the population was having financial problems, and thus obtaining food was becoming a big issue. «While quarantined in the village I became aware of the problems, I went to a house and a child was crying because his coffee had no sugar. So I asked why the child cried and they told me that it was because the child wanted sugar in the coffee, in the end, he had to drink water. When I returned to work in Guatemala City, Marcela Arzu offered me some groceries to distribute here and it was in this way that we began to bring the groceries to the people who need it in this place,» explained local resident and worker in the honorary Serbian consulate Rolando Ardon. Guatemala has recorded 2,743 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since the outbreak began, leading to 53 people dying after contracting the virus thus far.

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