Germany: 'Stay grounded' — Climate activists clad in penguin suits hold airport sit-in

10 ноября 2019 г. 18:43

Dozens of climate activists, many clad in penguin costumes, staged a sit-in at Berlin's Tegel airport on Sunday, in an effort to draw attention to the impact of air travel on climate change. The environmental activists, who belonged to the group 'Am Boden Bleiben' ('Stay Grounded') reportedly called for the cessation of all domestic and short-distance flights, among other demands. One protester explained their outfit, saying that they wore penguin costumes because penguins «are the coolest birds that stay on the ground.» She went on to say that the protesters «aim to interrupt the normality of the airport, of the aviation industry,» before adding that «flying is the fastest way to fry the planet.» Views on the matter seemed divided among travellers, with one supporting the activists, saying that «it is unacceptable to fly for fun,» while another arguing «that it's currently trendy for people who are bored to engage in this kind of thing.» Due to the rally, police checks were carried out around the airport area, causing long queues and waiting times. However, the air traffic was not hindered by the rally, according to Tegel airport spokesperson Hannes Hoenemann.

Ruptly TV