Germany: Shock as Frankfurt's landmark 43-metre high «Goethe Tower» burns down

12 октября 2017 г. 18:22

A Frankfurt landmark — the Goethe Tower — has burnt down on Thursday, in Stadtwald to the city's south. By the time firefighters arrived at the scene the structure was deemed to burnt to save. According to Peter Feldmann, Chief Burgomaster of Frankfurt «At 03:17, the first calls were received by the fire department. 60 deployers were sent here, but they were not been able to prevent the tower from being completely burnt down. They could however secure the cafe.» Residents also express their shock, some recalling memories of visiting the tower when being children: «When I was a baby, my father brought me up [to the tower] and showed me Frankfurt. When my son was a baby, I brought him up [to the tower]. I thought I could bring my grandchildren [to the tower]. Now the world is upside-down.» The wooden tower was built in 1931 to commemorate a German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. The exact cause of the incident is under investigation.

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