Germany: Police conduct raids over suspected 'Islamist-motivated' plot

14 января 2020 г. 16:38

Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office confirmed police have been conducting raids in four German states Tuesday on suspicion of a «Islamist-motivated» violent attack plot. Spokesperson for the Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office Martin Steltner told Ruptly in Berlin on Tuesday «there are several persons of the Chechen origin from the Islamist-linked background under the investigation.» «They are suspected of allegedly planning and choosing possible prime targets for attacks,» he added. Steltner continued: «Due to police inspection and from mobile phone recordings we got evidence that several possible prime targets for attacks could have been chosen.» Some 180 officers took part in the raids in nine locations across Berlin, Brandenburg, Thuringia and North Rhine-Westphalia, during which they confiscated mobile phones, stabbing weapons and data carriers.

Ruptly TV