Germany: Merkel insists on 'diplomatic solution' to North Korea crisis

8 сентября 2017 г. 23:00

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a campaign rally in Wolgast, Friday, where she touched upon domestic and international issues. The German leader said it is still being worked on finding a solution for the conflict in Ukraine, which would lead to lifting the sanctions against Russia. She added, «of course I would like to have better relations with Russia.» Merkel commented on the crisis with North Korea, saying, «It's challenge for everyone of us — Europe, USA, Japan, China, Russia — to find a diplomatic solution. There is no military solution for the conflict regarding North Korea.» She also underlined the necessity of economic solidarity in «Africa, Syria or Iraq,» adding, «But on the spot, because we know that people don't leave their countries voluntarily. People should have perspectives in their homelands.» The German Federal Elections are set for September 24.

Ruptly TV