Germany: Hertha the polar bear cub celebrates first birthday at Berlin's Tierpark

1 декабря 2019 г. 7:25

Berlin's celebrity animal, the polar bear cub Hertha, celebrated her first birthday at Tierpark Zoo on Sunday. The cub, named after the capital's football club, was filmed enjoying ice toys in the shape of the number one and a football with her mum Tonja, who turned ten just a few weeks ago. «She was born on the 1st of December last year here at Tierpark Berlin. And today was a little surprise for her. We made a large 'one' out of ice and the big ball that was donated by Hertha BSC, the local football club here in Berlin. Yeah, she likes it a lot and she plays with both of the things and yes, she is happy I think,» said Florian Siks, a Tierpark Zoo employee.

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