Germany: Govt. urges Berlin summit participants to honour commitments amid Libya arms embargo breaches

31 января 2020 г. 22:40

The German government touched the latest reports that several countries have already breached the Libyan arms embargo agreed upon at the Berlin peace summit earlier this month. “Yesterday the UN's [Ghassan] Salame announced an update at the United Nations Security Council, informing on the striking breaches to the weapons embargo which involve more countries who were also present at the Berlin conference. And of course, we cannot point fingers at particular countries and we can only ask for all the countries who took part in the Berlin conference to honour their voluntary commitments. Within those commitments entail mainly the adjustment to the breached weapons delivery given by the UN resolutions,” Government Spokesperson Steffen Seibert said. German Health Minister Hanno Kautz gave a brief update on the Germans returning from China amid the ongoing coronavirus outbreak, and spoke of the conditions the returnees will face upon arrival back in Germany. «The returnees [from China] will be taken to the air force training barracks for two weeks, which is the time the incubation process lasts. The exact details, rules and orders will be handled at the barracks. But it is the case that outside contact will be reduced to a minimum, that is to say, that there will be no chances for interviews with news agencies and tv. So outside contact will be cut to a minimum as well as contact with each other they will be brought to a private room and they will have to stay in there,» He said. German giant Lufthansa airlines cancelled all the flights to and from China after a suspected coronavirus-infected passenger reportedly flew onboard the company's aircraft.

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