Germany: FDP's Kemmerich heckled during swearing-in ceremony amid AfD controversy

6 февраля 2020 г. 16:31

Newly-elected Minister President of Thuringia Thomas Kemmerich was heckled during his swearing-in ceremony in the state's Landtag office in Erfurt on Wednesday. Susanne Hennig-Wellsow, Die Linke party's leader in eastern state of Thuringia, threw a flower bouquet at the feet of newly-elected Minister President Thomas Kemmerich, right after the swearing-in. Footage also shows Kemmerich being interrupted by shouts of «charlatan» and «hypocrite,» while addressing the parliamentarians. «Firewalls have always stood, stand and remain towards the far-right,» he said during his speech. «Those who have chosen Kemmerich, have chosen a strong opponent against everything that has a hint of radicalism, far-right or far-left, as well as fascism.» Free Democratic Party’s (FDP) Kemmerich was elected as the new head of government in Thuringia with votes from the AfD and CDU, defeating incumbent Bodo Ramelow from Die Linke. German Chancellor Merkel slammed this «unforgivable» development in a statement during her visit to South Africa, calling for the reversion of the results. FPD leader Christian Linder is expected to ask Kemmerich to step down. German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who is on official visit to South Africa, said the Thuringia vote had to be reversed. Mandatory credit: Thueringen Landtag Mandatory credit: Thueringen Landtag

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