Germany: Berlin calls for ‘permanent end to hostilities’ and restart of peace talks in Libya

18 декабря 2019 г. 20:12

German government spokespersons Christofer Burger and Steffen Seibert underlined Berlin’s calls for a ceasefire in Libya, amid Libyan National Army (LNA) chief General Khalifa Haftar’s call for his troops to advance on Tripoli. “We see these new military excesses with great concern. From our point of view I can only say, regarding the conflict in Libya, that only a political solution can exist. We always urged General [Chalifa] Haftar and his supporters to cease all military action and to refrain from aggravating the military situation,” Burger said. Seibert also took the opportunity to answer, saying that German, French, and Italian leaders “called on all Libyan and international parties to cease military action, to sincerely commit to a comprehensive, permanent end to hostilities and to re-enter a credible negotiation process led by the United Nations.» Seibert then commented on a draft bill that was passed in Germany's federal cabinet outlawing conversion therapies for sexual minorities, saying: «These so-called conversion therapies leave the affected with psychological damage. Negative, damaging effects of such, in quotation marks, ‘therapies’ are scientifically, reliably not proven. On the other hand, any kind of benefit of such steps is not identifiable. This is why the cabinet decided on a draft bill forbids such conversion therapies for minors and for adults not fully able to consent. Advertisement for such treatments is also forbidden. The aim of the federal government is to protect human sexual self-determination.»

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