France: School uses hula hoops to get children used to social distance rules

18 мая 2020 г. 15:54

Young children returning to school with the easing of the coronavirus lockdown were filmed wearing hula hoop dresses to encourage physical distancing at a school in Marseilles on Monday. Headteacher of Bastide school Michel Lopez came up with the idea of attaching a hoop to a dress after seeing, «a government poster where around the people there was a circle of shadow.» He hoped to keep the children happy, while also ensuring they kept a safe distance from one another. «At the beginning they played a lot with it, then they get bored as we saw in the first days, and then it becomes normal, and helps them visualise the issue,» said Lopez. The school reopened on May 14th after coronavirus restrictions eased in France. The children were divided into smaller classes with ten students maximum.

Ruptly TV