France: Pont des Arts FEMEN protest condemns femicide *EXPLICIT*

15 февраля 2020 г. 7:04

A group of FEMEN activists chained themselves to the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris on Valentine's Day, on Friday, to protest against femicide. Sarah, a member of FEMEN France said «When a woman dies, the neighbours know but they say it is their personal business, but no. Violence against women is a political affair, so it is important that society takes hold of it and, of course, that the government takes action. But that, unfortunately, takes time.» FEMEN activists could be seen holding banners reading «we never kill for love» and «for the better not for the worse» as they protested topless with fake bruises on their faces. «This toxic patriarchal love, we rape women out of love, we excise them out of love, and today we rise up against this toxic, deleterious love, which harms women. We want equality, kindness, we don't want this destructive love,» said Sophia Antoine, a member of FEMEN France. FEMEN, a radical feminist activist group, was founded in Ukraine and is now based in Paris. The organisation works towards protecting women's rights. They became internationally known for holding controversial topless protests against sex tourism, religious institutions, sexism and other social issues.

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