France: PM Castex announces new monthly bonus payments for health workers

15 июля 2020 г. 19:50

The French government will give new monthly bonus payments of up to 200 euros ($22) to health workers starting next year, French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced during a speech at the French Senate in Paris, on Wednesday. Castex was speaking to the Senate on a variety of topics including the French economy and pension plans. Starting next year, every health worker, every nurse will earn at least 200 euros ($228) net extra every month. And it could even go for many of them — let's be proud of it — up to 500 euros ($571) with the generalisation of a collective commitment bonus,» said the French PM. Touching on the pension plans, he mentioned the importance of ending the current pension plan while «fully taking into account the situation of the current plans' beneficiaries.» On the matter of investment as part of the COVID-19 recovery plan, Castex explained that «a commitment to revalue staff and job creation of 8 billion euros ($9,1 billion) has been concluded» as part of a policy proposal. Jean Castex was proclaimed new prime minister on July 3, replacing Edouard Philippe after French President Emmanuel Macron promised to chart a «new path» for the last remaining two years of his term.

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