France: Macron calls on G20 to guarantee 'universal access' to COVID vaccine

21 ноября 2020 г. 23:23

French President Emmanuel Macron called on G20 countries to ensure that a coronavirus vaccine is shared with more modest nations, as he made remarks in a prerecorded speech, at the G20 summit on Saturday. «Are we going to be ready once the vaccine is on the market to guarantee its universal access and to avoid at all cost a 'two-speed' world where only the rich will be able to protect themselves against the virus and resume a normal life?,» the French President asked. «The time has come to transform the concept of the world's common good into a concrete reality,» he stated. «We have a historical responsibility, as I said. There will be no effective response against the pandemic unless it is a global, coordinate and solitary response» Macron continued. Saudi Arabia is hosting a remote G20 summit which will run through Sunday. Talks are expected to be centred on the global response to COVID-19 and the distribution of the upcoming vaccines.

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