France: Greenpeace activists break into Cattenom nuclear plant

12 октября 2017 г. 13:07

Greenpeace activists entered a nuclear power plant in Cattenom, Moselle region, in the early hours of Thursday, in order to highlight the vulnerability of French nuclear power stations to the risks of malicious acts. After entering the facility the activist unfurled a Greenpeace banner and set off fireworks. The action took place two days after Greenpeace published a report on nuclear security, in which it stressed that the spent-fuel pools of French utility EDF's (Electricite de France) nuclear reactors pose a major security risk due to their vulnerability to attacks by aircraft. However, according to director of the Moselle prefect Georges Bos, eight Greenpeace activists entered the plant site by crossing the first enclosure at around 5:45 am (3:45 GMT) and were detained in less than eight minutes by France's Specialised Protection Platoon of the Gendarmerie (PSPG).

Ruptly TV