Ecuador: Quito begins clean-up as agreement struck to end unrest

14 октября 2019 г. 20:12

Locals, members of the indigenous protest movement and official workers began the clean-up process in Quito on Monday after an agreement was reached between the government and the opposition to end days of unrest. Huge crowds were mobilised to clear the rubble and wash the streets. «We are cleaning the Arbolito Park, and the peace zone, with the objective that the country really sees that the original (indigenous) peoples are responsible, supportive people and that we are going to leave everything as it was before,» Cecilia Baltazar a member of the indigenous protest movement said. Ecuador was plunged into a wave of protests amid social discontent over economic adjustment measures, including the elimination of fuel, in agreement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to obtain million-dollar loans. The Ecuadorian Ombudsman's Office reported that between October 3 and 13 there were seven deaths in the protests, while the number of wounded rose to 1,340 and the number of detainees to 1,152, according to this public body.

Ruptly TV