Denmark: Parents hopeful as schools reopen after one-month coronavirus lockdown

15 апреля 2020 г. 14:09

Children were allowed to return to school in Copenhagen on Wednesday, after a month-long closure amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Parents were seen dropping children at schools and daycare centres in the Danish capital, where kindergartens, nurseries and primary schools were all shut down on March 12 in an effort to tackle coronavirus. «I trust the government, I trust the school, I trust the people around us, so I think it's going to be fine. The kids need to get out,» said a mother. Despite appreciating the time spent with their children, many parents admitted it's been a challenging time. «Normally in the morning I (would) go out to the playground for three or four hours and then I shifted with my wife, so she could go out afterwards and then we tried to work a little and study a little in between,» said a father. Denmark is the first county in Europe to reopen schools, but classes are only being resumed in half of the country and nearly 35 per cent of the capital's schools, with the rest expected to open by April 20. According to Johns Hopkins University's last figures, as of Wednesday Denmark recorded 6,706 confirmed cases and 299 deaths from COVID-19.

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