Croatia: 'We mourn for every victim of the war' — PM Plenkovic marks 25th anniv. of 'Operation Storm'

5 августа 2020 г. 21:55

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic said that «we mourn every for every victim of the war,» during a ceremony marking the 25th anniversary of 'Operation Storm' in Knin on Wednesday. «We feel sorry not only for Croats but as well as for all the Serbs and people of other nations,» said Plenkovic. Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Boris Milosevic also attended the ceremony, becoming the first Croatian Serb to do so ever. «I have come here as a member of the government because I believe this government and the parliamentary majority can reduce the tensions between Serbs and Croats,» said Milosevic. «Everyone that pursues politics should use his part in society to fight for an equal society, peace, tolerance and mutual respect,» he added. While Milosevic attended the ceremony he reportedly did not applaud with other officials when Ante Gotonica, one of the commander's during Operation Storm was introduced at the event. Operation Storm began on August 4, 1995, with a military offensive by the Croatian army and police to re-take control of areas of Croatia that had been seized by Croatian Serb paramilitary forces and become part of the self-declared entity Republic of Serbian Krajina. During the operation, over 250,000 Croatian Serbs had to forcibly leave their homes and escape to neighbouring Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina amid incidents of violent crimes committed against civilians. The number of casualties — military and civilian — is disputed by both sides. While Serbia mourns these events, August 5 is considered a state holiday in Croatia and is celebrated as one of the greatest victories of the 'Croatian War of Independence.'

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