China: Hundreds of Apple fans queue as company opens new flagship store in Beijing

17 июля 2020 г. 17:13

Apple opened its revamped flagship store in Beijing on Friday with loyal customers queuing outside for hours. Hundreds of people could be seen waiting to enter as security personnel reminded visitors to follow social distancing regulations. «I arrived here at seven AM in the morning, and then I waited for like three hours to get into the store. I was not in the first group to came in, I was with the third group. When I arrived here at seven AM, there were about 100 people ahead of me already, I didn't expect that many people to be honest,» said one customer. The new flagship store is located near the original shop in Beijing's Sanlitun district which was the very first Apple store in China, built back in 2008. «To me, it's very meaningful, because I was here as well on the old shop's grand opening day. I feel like when the old shop closed and this new one opened, it was like the end of my childhood as well,» said another customer.

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