China: Businesses feel the pinch as barriers against spread of COVID retained weeks after end of Wuhan lockdown

24 апреля 2020 г. 20:27

Despite the end of the COVID-19 lockdown over two weeks ago, barriers installed to ensure physical distancing have been retained in the city of Wuhan where they continue to impact local businesses. Residents were seen placing orders through gaps in barriers at takeaway cafes and restaurants in the city on Friday as local businesses try to get up and running again. The owner of one restaurant that operated a buffet service prior to the crisis, said on Friday that she had to quickly rethink the concept of her business in order to be able to resume services after suffering losses during the lockdown closure. After authorities allowed the reopening, the owner repurposed her business as a takeaway restaurant. A two-day-disinfection procedure was performed prior to the reopening, she said. However the restaurant owner suggested it might take some time to fully revive her business due to losses, since she paid rental costs without receiving any revenue for the whole duration of the lockdown. Daily turnover she told Ruptly is just 10 percent compared to the period before the pandemic. In addition to businesses installing barriers and requiring customers to enter their premises in limited numbers, barriers have also been installed on the streets of Wuhan to prevent citizens mingling too freely. Temperature checks are also carried out in a bit to reduce any further spread of the coronavirus.

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