Chile: Santiago's poorest neighbourhoods prepare to face COVID crisis food shortage

28 мая 2020 г. 11:11

Lower income Chileans have organised themselves to deal with food shortages brought on by the restrictions and mandatory quarantine imposed by the Chilean government in response to the coronavirus, which has left thousands of families in poor neighbourhoods without daily sustenance, as seen on Wednesday in Puente Alto, near Chile's capital of Santiago. In popular neighbourhoods and municipalities where low-income families prevail, the population has shown solidarity under the slogan «the people help the people» in the absence or late arrival of the resources provided by the government to mitigate the crisis. Alina Sandoval, leader of the National Association of Human Rights 18 October, one of the solidarity groups of neighbours promoting this initiative, assures that they deliver about 600 daily rations. «The assembly is already helping the eighth wave of solidarity under the slogan 'the people help the people' and it has gone quite well, this way we can get all the solidarity from our people,» said Sandoval. The initiative is supplied by donations of money and products collected through social media campaigns. «Help from those here of [solidarity movement] 'people help people' has been good. No money has arrived here because of lack of work, nothing, nothing. Senior adults live here and we have a neighbour who is complicated here and nothing comes here, and they do not get involved. So we are helping each other, we are doing what we can,» said Rodrigo Alvarez a community member. The coronavirus has been spreading at a rapid pace in Chile, exceeding 80,000 confirmed cases on Wednesday, with at least 841 people having died with the disease, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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