Canada: Youth climate activists arrested for gluing hands to store windows on Black Friday

30 ноября 2019 г. 14:48

A group of demonstrators glued their hands to the windows of a HM store in Montreal on Friday, to express their anger at Black Friday consumerism and its impact on the environment. The Extinction Rebellion Youth Quebec protesters broke into the store's second floor and stuck their hands to the large windows, as others were cheering and chanting in the street. Riot police can be seen freeing the demonstrators with acetone, after donning them with a protective head device. Montreal fire fighters also monitored the operation to ensure that the toxic substance was not spilled. Twelve protesters, reportedly all minors, were arrested. They were later cited for mischief and released, but according to local authorities prosecutors may decide to press further charges. The demonstration was part of a global action targeting Black Friday, the shopping day which began in the US on the Friday after Thanksgiving but in recent years spread to other countries.

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