Brazil: 'We work day and night burying bodies'- Manaus gravedigger on coronavirus pandemic

16 мая 2020 г. 8:50

As Brazil's biggest city in the middle of the Amazons continues to struggle with soaring numbers of COVID-19 victims, gravedigger Marcos Santos shared his experience working at one of the country's worst-hit coronavirus hot spots. As bulldozers worked long hours to have the pits for burials ready, and loved ones of the deceased mourned their passing in Manaus, on Friday, Santos talked about working at the cemetery. «Manaus, it's full of these diseased. Hospitals are full. Nobody was ready and it took all by surprise, hospitals, cemeteries were not prepared and we are all involved in this. You can't imagine the amount of work we have here, we work day and night burying bodies,» he said. «People take care, it's not a joke, use gloves, use a mask, be really careful because this disease is real,» he warned before adding that his job is like anyone else's and that there should even be a Day of Gravediggers. According to reports, Manaus has been grappling with one of the highest mortality rates in the region from the virus, with graves being dug in mass to cope with raising numbers of deaths. Brazil, which is considered to be the new epicentre of the pandemic in South America, has recorded over 218,000 cases of the coronavirus since the outbreak began and over 14,800 fatalities related to the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

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