Brazil: Man detained as police start enforcing anti-COVID bathing ban on Rio beaches

14 июля 2020 г. 17:50

At least one person was detained on one of Rio de Janeiro's beaches on Tuesday, as police officers began enforcing the newly introduced ban on bathing on public beaches as a measure against further spreading of the coronavirus. The detainee was filmed on the Copacabana beach, resisting his detainment while being taken away by several police officers. Other bathers were filmed leaving peacefully. Some local residents supported the ban. One of the residents, Camila, said «I am used to respecting orders for the collective good. So I think that if it's prohibited to swim or to go to the beach I will not go. People have to respect this, because we need to think of the collective good.» Alessandra, another local resident, added, «I think that it is very well communicated. There are various notices. We tried to come from another municipality to Rio, in every case there was information about the touristic places that were closed, notices that it was necessary to use a mask on the beach, that swimming was not allowed yet.» «I think they are right, I think they are acting in a good way when dealing with all these cases,» she added.

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