Brazil: Bolsonaro supporters in hospital workers' protest in Sao Paulo

18 мая 2020 г. 8:20

Dozens of supporters of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, mostly hospital workers and nurses, protested against Sao Paulo governor demanding better work conditions and equipment on Sunday. Hospital workers like Maria Quiteria tore apart flimsy hospital gowns allegedly provided to them by the governor's office to assist in their fight against COVID-19. «We are here desperate, denouncing our equipment for work we have,» Quiteria said. «Here is the equipment that they give us. They are giving it to us expecting it to be waterproof and everyone can see that this is not,» she added, showing the semi-transparent cloth. «What they should give us is this, N95,» she continued. «The ventilators for Brazilian patients in Brazil were bought in China, while they could have been bought here in Brazil,» Quiteria pointed out. «The ventilators arrived completely useless. That's why Brazil is dying,» she concluded. Protesters held banners with messages such as «Nursing calls for help. Valorization of nursing now.» Military police officers supervised the protest as demonstrators held Brazilian flags behind them. As of Sunday, Brazil has 241,080 coronavirus cases and 16,118 fatalities, as data compiled by Johns Hopkins University shows. Sao Paulo, home to more than 40 million people, records more coronavirus fatalities than China with over 4,688 COVID-19-related deaths as data released by Brazil’s Health Ministry on Saturday shows.

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