Belgium: 'We should intensify the negotiations' — Von der Leyen ahead of call with UK's Johnson

2 октября 2020 г. 18:58

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said the EU and UK «should intensify the negotiations,» at a press conference in Brussels on Friday, ahead of a call with UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Von der Leyen is set to talk with Johnson on Saturday to discuss the state of negotiations on a post-Brexit trade deal after the final scheduled round of negotiations concluded this week. «We want a deal. Because we think it is better to have a deal as neighbours. Also on top in this COVID times with devastating impact on the economies, it is good to have a deal, but not at any price,» said the former German defence minister. At the presser, von der Leyen also announced that «good progress» was being made in ensuring EU citizens have access to COVID-19 vaccines they are made available. European Council President Charles Michel explained as well that Brexit was not debated at the current Council summit, with leaders simply being updated on the latest negotiations, as the Council will more fully discuss the issue at the upcoming meeting on 15-16 October. Von der Leyen announced on Thursday that legal proceedings against the UK government have begun to take place, due to the House of Commons passing the Internal Market Act that undermines parts of the exit agreement as well as aspects of the international law.

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