Belgium: US presence in Europe 'also good' for Washington says NATO's Stoltenberg

16 июня 2020 г. 19:02

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said the US military presence in Europe made both sides of the Atlantic safer, during a press briefing in Brussels on Tuesday after US President Donald Trump confirmed plans to cut the number of US troops in Germany. «The US presence in Europe is not only about protecting Europe but it's also about projecting US power beyond Europe,» Stoltenberg said. «We have seen that bases like Ramstein Base and the Landstuhl medical facility and many other US bases in Germany they are essential for what the US has done over decades in the Middle East, Afghanistan, Iraq and in Africa.» Stoltenberg also touched on Russia, saying «we will also discuss and address the security implications of Russia’s growing suite of nuclear capable missiles.» «I expect defence ministers will agree a substantial and balanced package of political and military measures in response. This includes strengthening NATO’s air and missile defences,» he added. On Monday, US President Donald Trump confirmed plans Washington would reduce its troop numbers in Germany. A total of 9,500 soldiers will be pulled from US bases in Germany.

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