Austria: Government sued over COVID-19 outbreak at Austrian Ischgl ski resort hotspot

23 сентября 2020 г. 22:01

A consumer rights group gave a press conference in Vienna on Wednesday to touch on several civil lawsuits filed against the Austrian government over a coronavirus outbreak at the ski resort of Ischgl last winter. «I think that the [Austrian] Chancellor [Sebastian] Kurz for the government and also the Governor of Tyrol, Mr Platter, should apologise by all the victims, spread all over Europe, infected with COVID-19 and they should offer compensation,» VSV [Consumer Protection Association] chairman Peter Kolba stated, accusing the tourism industry of not acting fast enough, in order to keep the winter season running as long as possible. «People from over 45 countries were skiing in Tyrol, in particular in Ischgl. Out of these 6,000 people, 80 percent have since tested COVID positive. They all got infected in Tyrol and transported the virus with them,» Kolba added, referring to allegations that tourists were forced to cram onto packed buses to leave the ski village as the sudden evacuation and quarantine orders were given. The consumer protection association (VSV) has initially filed four official liability suits in the Ischgl case at the Vienna Regional Court for civil law matters, with compensation fees reaching up to 20,000 euros [$23,344] for relatives of the tourists who died from coronavirus, as Consumer Protection Association lawyer Alexander Klauser pointed out. At least 32 are reported to have died after visiting the ski resorts in Austria.

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