Australia: Thousands march for 'Invasion Day' protest in Melbourne

25 января 2020 г. 19:27

Thousands of people marched through central Melbourne on Sunday, in order to draw attention to the suffering of Australia's Aboriginal people in the wake of European colonisation on what they refer to as 'Invasion Day.' On the same day across the nation, ‘Australia Day’ is celebrated, which Melbourne protesters denounced alongside other demonstrators throughout the country. Protesters waved the black, red and yellow of the Australian Aboriginal flag and chanted slogans such as «no pride in genocide» and «always was, always will be aboriginal land.» One protester, Robert, said that Australia has «gotten away» with a great deal when it came to the treatment of indigenous Australians. He said, «it's pretty amazing when people realise the gravity of crimes in Australia, you start to realise the dimension of this crime, it is a continent they tried to exterminate, I don't want to say it's a Nazi wet dream but its sort of is.» Caroline, another protester, said «I think most white Australians would not celebrate this day at all if they knew exactly that the level of depression and deep sadness [suffered by Aboriginal Australians].» ‘Australia Day’ is held to mark the anniversary of the First Fleet's 1788 arrival in Port Jackson, New South Wales, a date many aboriginal people consider to be the start of European colonisation of Australia.

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