Australia: 'Sack ScoMo' protest demands PM stand down amid raging bushfires

10 января 2020 г. 15:34

Protesters called for Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison to be sacked during a climate change rally that took place in Melbourne on Friday, as fires rage on in the country. Demonstrators demanded action on climate change, and chanted «ScoMo [Scott Morrison] has got to go» while carrying signs reading «Respect and protect sacred land» and «No ScoMo.» «We're really angry that these people are continuously denying climate change. Climate change is a real thing. They need to step up now,» said one of the protesters. The rally dubbed 'Sack ScoMo' was reportedly organised by Uni Students for Climate Justice and saw thousands marching in several cities, such as Sydney and Brisbane. Australia experienced one of its hottest winters amid heatwaves, as temperatures hit 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit). The hot and dry weather conditions have led to severe and repeated bushfires.

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