Australia: Red smoke surrounds Australian Air Force plane amid evacuation efforts in Mallacoota

6 января 2020 г. 5:35

Footage taken from the cockpit of an Australian Air Force plane shows a glowing red and orange haze surrounding the aircraft, as it attempted to land near Mallacoota to assist evacuation efforts on January 4. Some 4,000 people have reportedly been forced to flee to beaches in the fire-ravaged Victoria town of Mallacoota, with cooler temperatures and rain providing some respite in the hard-hit area. At least 24 people and around half a billion animals have reportedly died since the fires began as a result of a record-breaking heatwave in September, with around 5,000,000 hectares (12,355,269 acres) affected. Mandatory Credit: Australian Defence Ministry Mandatory Credit: Australian Defence Ministry

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