Australia: Locals alarmed as smoke from bushfires fill Melbourne skies

3 января 2020 г. 0:29

Smoke from bushfires raging across Victoria filled up Melbourne skies, as seen in footage shot on Friday. «Today if you go for a walk around the park for an hour walk it's like smoking 10 cigarettes or 15 cigarettes,» said Anthony Kennedy, a resident. He also sounded alarmed about climate change, saying, «This climate change has happened before my eyes, you know, and I'm only 50, you know, and you can just tell, it just doesn't rain as much no more, you know, and the fires, everything that happens these days like a storm or that is just tenfold than what it used to be when I was you know in the 70's growing up.» The Environment Protection Authority's monitors on Friday showed Melbourne's air quality dropping to a 'poor' rating in the late morning and then falling to 'very poor' in the afternoon. It is expected to remain hazy until Saturday morning.

Ruptly TV