Argentina: Jubilant scenes as Milagro Sala transferred to house arrest

1 сентября 2017 г. 6:31

Leader of the Tupac Amaru neighborhood association Milagro Sala was put under house arrest after being released from prison, in Jujuy province's El Carmen, on Thursday. The social activist was escorted by police and court officials to her residence, which has been fitted with fencing and security cameras. Gendarmerie officers will be placed at the entrance to her home, where she will be monitored through video surveillance and also wear an electronic tag. Her transfer to house arrest comes following an international and national outcry calling for her release, involving the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), human rights groups, activists and prominent figures including former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Sala is a leader of the Tupac Amaru association, part of the ATE in Jujuy, and a leading figure in the Movimiento Piquetero of Argentina. She was arrested on embezzlement charges on January 16, 2016, after taking part in a protest against reforms to social funding introduced by Jujuy's local government. Sala has denied allegations, stating that her detention is politically motivated.

Ruptly TV