Argentina: Holy glitter! Thousands gather for pride in Buenos Aires

19 ноября 2017 г. 5:54

Thousands gathered in Buenos Aires on Sunday for the 26th annual LGBTQ Pride Day. Dressed in rainbow attires, others in more revealing outfits — gathered at Plaza de Mayo before hitting the city's streets. This year’s party also had a serious theme highlighting sex-based hate crime and anti-trans violence. One of member of the transgender community said that under the presidency of Mauricio Macri there has been a «continuous suppression of the trans community.» «This is the first time I've come here fearing about my security, because of this situation,» she said. Another drew attention to the sex workers rights violation. «There is continual abuse by the security forces in our sector, especially our trans migrant partners, sex workers, who openly work in sex industry,» she said.

Ruptly TV