Algeria: Libya's neighbours meet to seek solution for country's crisis

23 января 2020 г. 22:58

Foreign ministers of Libya's countries neighbouring held a meeting in the Algerian capital on Thursday to discuss the ongoing crisis in war-torn Libya. «We stress out that the deteriorating situation in this neighbouring country [Libya] also threatens the security and stability of our countries more than others [other countries], and that the burdens are upon our countries,» Tunisian Foreign Minister Sabri Bachtabji said during the meeting.» He added, «this invites us, as neighbouring countries, to exert more effort aiming to restore the security and stability to our neighbouring country.» Reports say Germany's Foreign Minister Heiko Maas was present at the meeting and that he briefed the participants on the outcome of the Libya peace conference held last Sunday in Berlin. In a tweet, the German Foreign Minister said, «Libya's neighbours have to bear most of the negative consequences of the conflict. They have the most direct interest in peace and stability in Libya. They play a key role in driving the Berlin process forward. That's why I'm on a visit to Algeria and Tunisia today.» Algeria's foreign minister Sabri Boukadoum said «We agreed on many principles; the only solution for the Libyan crisis should be a peaceful solution; the political solution. There is no choice, the solution should be a Libyan-Libyan solution.» The meeting, which was initiated by Algeria, was attended by the foreign ministers of Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Chad and Niger. However, no representatives from the Libyan side were present.

Ruptly TV